Handmade White Chocolate
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We've been pondering how to veganize white chocolate for a while now - we melted and pulverized and tempered and tasted, then repeated the process until pefection was acheived.

Pure and simple, we think we've developed the creamiest, most flavorful white chocolate you'll ever put in your mouth.

It's smooth and fragrant with just a whisper of texture from the ground vanilla beans and fleur de sel.

You can chop it up for white chocolate macadamia nut cookes, melt it a bit and employ pretzels or fruit or your fingers to scarf it down, or just savor it old school - alone with nothing but your thoughts and your not-really-chocolate-but-impossibly-delicious confection.

6 honkin' pieces of vegan white chocolate




organic cocoa butter, organic powdered sugar, coconut milk, sea salt, vanilla bean





Handmade White Chocolate

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